Robofest Senior Exhibition World Champions

2011 - 2012 - 2013

Senior Reach for the Top Team

National Bronze Medallists May 2013

Our Mission

The Academy for Gifted Children is a non-denominational, co-educational, private day school that provides differential programming for gifted children, grades one through University Entrance. Complying with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, we ensure that the basic skills of literacy, writing, numeracy and scientific competence are developed.

The Academy For Gifted Children offers a differential education, a curriculum that is built on greater depth and breadth of instruction, a more complex approach to learning. Through the use of broad-based issues and themes our students develop high levels of skill in critical and creative thinking, problem solving, research and communication.

True learning involves the development of the "whole child", the mediation, counseling, support and respect required to optimize his or her potential. P.A.C.E. accompanies your child down the road to academic excellence at a pace appropriate to his or her needs through the practice of "child-stretching" and NOT "child-stressing".

Key components of P.A.C.E.